Flying to Victory

Waclaw Król – fighter ace, commander of 302 Squadron and pilot of “Skalski’s Circus”, took command of 3rd Polish Fighter Wing at the end of the war.

Never published volume by the well-known author of books on aviation. Sweepstakes flights, aerial duels, the joy of victory and the bitterness of failure…

In his accounts you will also find descriptions of the everyday life of the aces of the air and their friendships. Colorful stories written on the basis of diaries kept by pilots during wartime, and information gathered from publications and documents available to ace fighters.

A summary of the achievements of Polish fighters in all theaters of war in World War II – descriptions of fights in the defensive war of 1939, battles under the skies of France in 1940, the Battle of Britain and service of Polish airmen under RAF orders. The achievements of Polish fighter pilots serving in the American Air Force and descriptions of fights of Warszawa Air Force Regiment operating under Soviet command.

Format:Softcover 145 x 222