“The suffering and death of a child is an unparalleled scandal. Our reactions are rebellion, indignation, doubt, open and painful questions. Seen through the eyes of a mother, Antek’s story does not provide easy answers. It is an account full of love, pain, fear, and inherent hope – until the end. Because in this story the roles are reversed.The answers are not given by adults. The answers are given by Antek. A six-year-old boy who chooses to sit at the foot of the Cross.

When I first heard Antek’s story, I thought that if philosophy is, as Plato wrote, “preparation for death”, then Antek was a philosopher. Not a university philosopher, of course, who learned various theories – because that’s easy – but a philosopher indeed, and therefore a mature and free man, someone, to quote another Platonic definition of a philosopher, “humanly similar to God”. When I read this book, I understood that Antoś was more than just a six-year-old sage. He was a saint. He was, as they said about martyrs, “a companion in the Passion of Christ”. – someone through whom Christ was revealed, someone who through the Cross matured into human fullness. Let us listen to Antek’s answer.

Let’s listen to his answers to the most serious questions: about the sense of life, about freedom, about the sense of suffering, about sacrifice, about faith, hope and love. He is worth listening to. His answers are of the utmost importance – he gave them with his life. He did not throw words to the wind. Few of us will go as far as he did in our knowledge of divine and human affairs. Although he lived only seven short years, full of love and suffering”.

Dariusz Karłowicz

Publisher:Wydawnictwo AA
Format:Hardcover 125 x 955