wächter´s list

“The author moves heaven and earth to arrive at the truth during her investigations”.

Uki Goni – author of “The Real Odessa”.

Author:Magdalena Ogórek
Publisher:Zona Zero

Otto von Wächter, Austrian SS baron, a friend of Himmler. He was the right hand of Hans Frank in occupied Krakow, but also a connoisseur of art. He expanded his art collections with artworks looted near Wawel, and later with trophies from Lviv, where he moved to establish the “SS-Galizien” division for Ukrainians.

After German defeat, using fake documents, thanks to the Vatican dignitary, Otto von Wächter reached the Nazi escape route from Europe to South America. Eventually, he found refuge in the Vatican.

The author during her journalistic searches ends up in a castle near Vienna, whose owner, a descendant of Otto von Wächter, 70 years after the war, was still signing himself “Horst von Wächter, son of the governor”.

In her book, Magdalena Ogórek also presents newly discovered documents of the CIA and the Vatican archives as well as asks further questions – Who offers treasures stolen by Wächter on the antiquarian market?