The world of marian apparitions

A book unique in its kind. 100 most important Marian apparitions in the history of mankind collected in one volume.

More than 1 000 pages of captivating text. Wincenty Łaszewski reached historical accounts of events and statements of visionaries. After centuries their visions are coming true right before our eyes. The author, a well-known Polish mariologist, analyses and explains in an accessible way the messages with which the main heroine of the book came to the Earth.

Over 2600 photos and illustrations. Contemporary, fabulously colorful pictures from shrines and apparition sites, historical materials, documents and reproductions of the most magnificent works of sacred art. Our book shows all that others only try to describe.

Over 200 maps showing the location of places of worship and apparitions, helping you understand the historical background of the events. With a breathtaking layout, the book combines the features of a lexicon, a sensational novel, and a striking album.

As you read these words, dozens of apparitions are taking place – all over the world. The avalanche of “information from Heaven” is growing. If you want to know what Mary is warning us about and what we should prepare ourselves for, this book is for you.

Luxury edition in an elegant, collectible, lacquered box that protects the book from damage.

Format:hardcover 215 x 295